One of the less recognized perks of working in film production is that we get to work all over the city and view it from perspectives others rarely experience. In July 2010 I worked as a Camera Operator on a 2nd Unit shooting the Birdmen for a Transformers movie. The Birdmen are hearty souls who strap on what amounts to a flying squirrel outfit and jump off of mountains in the Alps for kicks. We were shooting them jumping off of the Sears (Willis) Tower and out of helicopters. Before we actually shot this, we needed to scout the locations to determine the optimal camera positions. We found ourselves on top of a lot of buildings early in the morning. I shot these with a Lumix LX3. The picture of my Assistant, Scott Rolf, and me photographing the action was taken by my friend, Key Grip and IATSE Studio Mechanics Local 476 President, Bradley Matthys.